• Supply List 2020-2021

    If you are a student in any of my courses, you are going to need the following:

    A.  A USB data stick. (Please note that this is for when we get back to physical class.) You'll need this to easily transfer work from school computers to your own computers and back. See important note below.

    B.  Something to take notes with. It's your choice; do you prefer to take notes on paper? Get yourself a notebook or binder with loose paper. Would you rather take notes on your computer? That's fine, too.

    Of course, you will also need pens and pencils.

    I will sometimes hand out documents, and some students prefer to punch holes in these and pop them in a binder, but I don't hand out enough to warrant buying a binder just for my classes.

    Important note about your computer: most students in my classes will be bringing their own laptops, although we have school laptops for those who prefer not to use their own. Please note that students' computers are their own responsibility. For example, you need a way of getting data from your laptop to a school computer; if you have a Mac, you may not have a USB port at all, or it may be a USB-C port that won't fit a standard USB stick. A student cannot postpone deadlines just because of software or hardware problems on their computers.