• Temas
    E-version of AP textbook, Temas
    Avancemos Spanish textbook
    Students will be given individual usernames and passwords to access our textbook, Avancemos. While a hardback textbook will remain in the classroom, students may always access the online version.
    Vocab practice site where students can make flashcards, take practice quizzes, play games, practice dictation, listening comprehension, pronunciation, etc.

    Each student will create their own free account with their own login info.  I do not have access to student info on this site.  Students are welcome to show me their quizlets to make sure the vocabulary is accurately spelled.

    My Quizlet username is dwhiteasfa. I will have vocabulary sets posted for each class, but I still encourage students to study the vocab in their book (listed throughout the chapter and in each lesson's summary).
    WordReference.com is a user-friendly online language dictionary, available as an app as well as a website, and is very good about giving different ways that words are used, with lots of examples and even a forum for questions about specific usage. All questions relating to any given word are shown on the page for that word, making it very easy to find exactly what you need.

    There are also conjugation examples available for each verb. And the different presentations of terms align with the various ways that students will encounter vocabulary in the classroom.