• ENGLISH 8                                                                                           Ms. Reinhart, Room 242

    Introduction, Requirements and Expectations                                  rreinhart@asfaschool.org


    Eighth grade English explores a wide variety of literary genres and builds grammar, vocabulary, reading, and composition skills through classroom, homework and project activities.  Students will read and reflect on works by diverse authors from around the world, and will have weekly lessons and quizzes on grammar, vocabulary, and literary content.  In addition to reading assignments, students will complete numerous writing assignments, oral presentations, and creative projects.


    Google Classroom will serve as the platform for accessing and submitting all out-of-class assignments.  Students will keep up with assignments through daily visits to Google Classroom, and parents will sign up to receive regular updates. 

    Google Classroom Class Code:  h6t4zuj

    •  In-class assignments are due by the end of the period on the day assigned, in the format described by the teacher (handwritten, typed, printed, etc.).
    • Homework and project assignments are due at the beginning of the class period of the posted due date.
    • Late work without an excused absence will not be accepted for full credit. Late assignments will lose 10% of the total point value each day for five days, after which the grade will be a zero. As students may submit assignments digitally, weekends count as two days.  If special circumstances impact your assignments, address them privately with your instructor.


    Students are expected to come to class prepared every day, with blue or black ink pens, a highlighter, a binder with lose-leaf lined paper, and the text we are reading at the time.  Do not take books from the shelves; bring the book assigned to you.  Students also need to bring their fully-charged ASFA-approved BYOD computers to class on a daily basis. Consistent lack of preparation indicates a lack of interest and your teacher may respond with a lack of sympathy.

    Students are asked to purchase one bottle of hand sanitizer for classroom use.


    In eighth grade, students will read and study a variety of short stories, poems, myths, and articles, in addition to fiction and non-fiction books.  ASFA will provide access to texts and assignments, either in paper or digital form. 

    Early this year, your teacher will assess student interest, reading comprehension and composition skills to select works most appropriate to the makeup of the class. 

    Texts we will work with include:

    • The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, Twelfth Edition
    • Little Worlds Short Story Anthology
    • Literature: The Human Experience Anthology
    • Julius Caesar
    • The Metamorphosis
    • The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    • as well as other texts selected by your teacher.


    All students are expected to behave with respect and consideration towards their classmates and their instructors.  Rudeness, harassment, and lack of engagement will not be tolerated.


    Remember that attending ASFA is a privilege, not a right.  Plagiarism and cheating are not permitted.

    Plagiarism is taking the works or ideas of others and using them as your own.  This covers many things from copying something you found on the Internet to copying another's homework.  Any instance of plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment.  If you are caught cheating, you will receive a zero on the assignment and a report to the Attendance and Conduct Manager.  Multiple incidents may result in dismissal from ASFA.


    Tardiness to class is disrespectful and disruptive.  Get to class on time, be seated, and open your materials before the bell rings.  If you need to be excused, check in with your teacher first, then asked to be excused; otherwise you will be counted tardy.  Consistent tardiness interferes with your instruction and may endanger your class credit.


    If you bring an electronic device (besides an approved BYOD computer) to class, it must be turned off and stored where your teacher cannot see it.  If any device is used in class without permission, your teacher will confiscate it and turn it in to Mr. Marble, who will contact your parents about retrieving it.  If a phone goes off during a test, the student will receive an automatic zero on the test that cannot be made up.