The ASFA Community Service Award Program

  • Community Service Form
  • Verification Log Form
  • The ASFA Community Service Award Program is jointly sponsored by the Alabama School of Fine Arts Board of Trustees and the ASFA Foundation Board of Directors. The members of these two voluntary boards exemplify the meaning of community service through their commitment of time, talent, and resources to support the school. A committee consisting of representatives from both boards will determine awards to be given to students at the annual Honors Day program in May.

     The goals of the ASFA Community Service Award Program are to:

    • Foster a culture of volunteerism and community service among our student body;
    • Encourage students’ continued leadership in working to solve critical community challenges;
    • Motivate more students to engage in volunteering and service activities.



    Students who wish to be considered should log onto ASFA's website and complete the Community Service Activity Form for each activity they wish to document. Students are also responsible for keeping a Verification File for all activities submitted. A Verification Form signed by the supervisor of the volunteer activity should be added to the file for each activity submitted by the student. Students selected for awards will submit their Verification File to the committee to confirm their eligibility for an award.



    • Provide as much meaningful detail as possible in the Impact on Individual and Impact on Community fields. Remember that the committee is looking at the quality of your efforts, not just the quantity.
    • Remember that service to school counts! Department outreach, ASFA Ambassadors, MAD Day, and Student Council can be included in your service hours.
    • Out of a 24-hour day, include only the hours that you are actively engaged in a volunteer project.  
    • Keep track of your service projects throughout the year and enter them as you complete each activity. If you wait until March to start submitting your projects, you may forget some details that would otherwise help the awards committee make the best decision reflective of your own record of service.
    • Keep copies of your service records on your own so that you can use them to create your résumé when the time comes to apply for college and/or scholarships.

    The ASFA Community Service Award Program is made possible by a generous gift from Richard and Daphne Powell (Creative Writing, 1987), in memory and honor of Richard’s mother Wanda Waid Powell.   Mrs. Powell was the daughter of a minister and also married a minister. Together, she and her husband raised two children and served numerous churches through his ministry, her beautiful piano playing, and their love of their church families and the communities in which they lived. Mrs. Powell spent her entire life in service to others, and this is a fitting commemoration of her good deeds. It is the family’s wish that the recipient continues to move forward with one hand reaching behind him or her to help others along a similar path.



    Hands On Birmingham lists many community service opportunities around the Birmingham metro area:

    YouthServe connects young people from all walks of life. Offers many volunteer opportunities in downtown Birmingham and beyond.

    YMCA Social Justice Programs, such as Anytown, Heritage Panel, and Peace Birmingham.