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How ASFA's Ashley M. Jones Became the Most Influential Poet in Alabama

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Be sure to read the above impeccable Birmingham Times article by former ASFA English faculty Javacia Harris Bowser highlighting Ashley M. Jones.

Jones is an ASFA alum, current ASFA creative writing teacher, and works to make poetry more accessible to all through Magic City Poetry Festival and beyond. 

Last month, Jones made history when she was named the first Black Poet Laureate for the state of Alabama. Jones, 31, will also be the youngest person to ever hold the post, which officially begins for her in 2022 and will last until 2026.

“Poetry is, as [writer and activist] Audre Lorde told us, that quality of life we need for our survival,” Jones said. “This light, this way of making connection and meaning in this ever-darkening world is so necessary for every human.”

We are so proud to have her guiding our writing students!