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ASFA 7th grader named runner up in Jr. Scholastic national competition

Every year, Mrs. Slocum's 7th grade Social Studies class participates in a Jr. Scholastic contest called "Where is Mapman?".  The cartographer for the magazine gives a series of clues in an article & students must use those clues to figure out where in the world he is located, and this year's location was Yellowstone National Park.

Thousands of students across the U.S. then create and send in a one-page artistic representation of that place, being sure to include a map & other important information. For the first time ever, an ASFA 7th grader was named one of the 25 national runners-up!

Congratulations to Raina Peterson on this great achievement! Raina received a congratulatory letter from Mapman, a t-shirt, & her name is published in the latest issue. Below is her very creative entry.

yellow stone raina peterson