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New 2022-2023 ASFA faculty members

We are so excited to welcome many new faculty members this year!

Rachel Evans will teach English 12 and has a B.A. in English with a concentration in art history from Davidson College and an MA.Ed. in Secondary English Education from Auburn University. Rachel taught at Vestavia Hills High School for nine years and at Phillips Academy Andover, MA for one year. 

Yohance Myles will join the Theatre Arts faculty with a B.A. from Alabama State University and MFA from Louisiana State University.  In addition to his teaching experiences in several colleges and summer programs, Yohance has had an extensive career in acting for stage and screen.  You might have seen his work before. 

Damian Lahey will teach film courses and has a BFA in Film Production from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an MFA in Film & Television Screenwriting from Regent University.  Damian has most recently taught at Wingate University and has an extensive career in all aspects of film directing, screen writing, and production.   

Hunter Huie will teach American History II and Civics/Geography.  Hunter has a B.S. in History & Political Science (minor in Economics and Pre-Law) from the University of Montevallo and an MA.Ed. in Social Studies Education from UAB.  Hunter taught previously at Irondale Middle School. 

Russell Hehn will teach English 9 and has a B.A. in English Literature (Minor in Women’s Studies) from the University of Southern Mississippi, and an M.A. in English Literature from Clemson University.  Russell has taught at Samford University, UAB, University of Southern Mississippi, worked in the communication and design industry, and been a business owner in lawn care locally. 

Corey Craft will be transitioning from teaching English to an instructor of Creative Writing & New Media for the Creative Writing Department.  He, too, will teach courses in both academic periods as well as specialty periods.  In addition to teaching creative writing workshops, Corey will teach a course in Creative Media which will be open to all students and required for Creative Writing students.  Corey will also teach his popular courses in film history and theory and the ASFA Performance Yearbook.  I look forward to sharing more details on ongoing curriculum development when the 22-23 school year begins and having our new additions join us in person. 

Karl Mattle will teach math in the Math/Science Specialty Department and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn, a B.S in Secondary Math Education and Master's in Educational Leadership and Applied Statistics from Kennesaw State University.  Karl has extensive experience in teaching math at the secondary level and also in the field engineering and as an engineering consultant.

Jennifer McCombs will be a counselor in Student Support Services.  Jessica has 20 years of experience in the Hoover City Schools system and in counseling and crisis management.

Michael Slanovits will teach math as a long-term substitute in Core Academics.  Michael has a BS in Mathematics and Educational studies from Vanderbilt and a MA in Mathematics from UAH.  He has taught at the secondary level and higher ed as well as an instructional math coach in for Jefferson County Schools.

Britney Price will teach Spanish I-IV and AP Spanish.  She has a Master's in Masters of Hispanic Studies and a BS in Spanish from Auburn.  Britney has taught at Bryant High School in Tuscaloosa, Auburn High School, Auburn University, and Columbus St. University.

Dreama White will switch from teaching Spanish to teaching Introduction to Neuroscience, Math-Science Research Fundamentals, Math-Science Honors Biology, Math-Science Chemistry, and Science Olympiad.