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    Take the stage  From turning words on the page into a living, breathing character, to the technical artistry of costumes, lighting, and sound, ASFA’s theatre arts program gives students a deep understanding of the collaborative process of realizing works for the stage. 

    A professional lens  ASFA offers a comprehensive training program across all elements of theater arts, from costume design and acting for film to stagecraft and musical theater. In addition to their academic and hands-on preparation, students observe and work alongside visiting artists, experience world-class performances at the DJD, and explore the professional options available to them after graduation. 

    A holistic approach  Beginning with fundamentals of physical expression and movement, students learn to interpret and perform scenes and monologues, and receive training in costume and scene design, stage management, lighting, sound production, and direction. All students are trained in both performance and production in order to attain an understanding of the entire enterprise of the theater. 

    Meaningful performances  Every year, all aspects of our three main stage productions are generated by students, with the guidance of diverse teaching artists who draw on a wealth of professional and lived experience to help them tell deeply human stories. Students also have the opportunity to create and present their own work, turning their vision into a performed reality. Our facilities include the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater (DJD)—our professional performing arts center outfitted with state-of-the-art technology—and a black box theater.

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    John Manzelli, ASFA Theatre Arts Chair, MFA, an award-winning actor of stage and screen and critically acclaimed director

    Peggy Hammond, MFA, an experienced costume designer and educator

    Laura Prim, MFA, experienced theater design and production professional and educator

    Zoe Wirt, actor, singer, dancer, teaching artist, music director, choreographer 

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