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    Graduates of the ASFA Music Department are currently active in virtually every professional musical endeavor: solo recitalists, symphonic musicians, conductors, opera singers, jazz musicians, composers, songwriters, band leaders, educators, music therapists, commercial music specialists, and recording artists. These successes are achieved through adherence to the ASFA Music Department's mission statement: through immersion in the most representative and inclusive repertoire, while remaining informed and inspired by the classics, our students create music in an array of musical settings. Our faculty, ensembles, and foundational classes ensure that an ASFA music student is thoroughly grounded in the world of music as it is in the 21st century. Our approach is informed by an understanding and recognition of each student's abilities and aligns learning with each student's journey, from where they have come to where they aspire to be as artists.

    ASFA music students work toward achieving their dreams and life goals through our ensembles, required courses and electives. Each student sings in the Choir and instrumentalists participate in either Jazz Ensemble, String Ensemble, or Orchestra. Vocalists in the award-winning Concerto Della Donne ensemble as well as pianists and instrumentalists all participate in Chamber Music training. Students are required to take three years of Musicianship, including Classical Piano, Theory and Ear Training, as well as Senior Music History. All vocalists and pianists take additional courses such as Diction and Studio Class to intensify the focus on specific field of study needs. Electives in Advanced Theory, Composition, Songwriting, Conducting, and Jazz Combo are also offered for students that wish to enhance and expand their experiences.

    When a student graduates from the ASFA Music Department, they are exceptionally well-prepared to meet the challenges of further study, regardless of their higher education and career paths. They discover the type of artist, creative, and person that they aspire to be.



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    Alex Fokkens, ASFA Music Department Chair, Conductor of ASFA Orchestra and String Ensemble, Chamber music, String Repertoire.

    Cathy Spence, Voice, Diction, Repertoire, Choir and Concerto Della Donne

    Dr. Robert Janssen, Clarinet and Saxophone; Wind, Percussion and Guitar Coordinator; Jazz Ensemble and Combos; Chamber music; Musicianship and Performance Seminar 

    Dr. Lucy DeSa, Applied Piano, Class Piano, Piano Repertoire, Collaborative Pianist, and Music History

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