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    The building blocks of the world  Through rigorous, university-level coursework in mathematics, the physical sciences, life sciences, computer science, and engineering, ASFA’s math and science program develops students’ analytical and creative problem solving skills. Nurturing student talent to create leaders and innovators is a cornerstone of the math and science program.

    Infused with inquiry and exploration  Alongside their arts-focused peers, math and science students learn to be creative and curious as they develop their talents in problem solving and scientific inquiry. Rather than creating brand new artworks as their peers might, math and science students leverage these skills to innovate and to see existing structures in new lights and from different angles. Coursework encourages students to incorporate diverse ways of thinking and flourish as lifelong learners.

    Student achievement  Competitions are to ASFA’s math and science students as performance is to our arts colleagues. Our teams consistently place highly in both local and national STEM competitions.

    Imaginative investigations  Research is the culmination of ASFA’s advanced math and science curriculum. Students learn from experience, beginning by forming a hypothesis and completing a thorough experiment design, then producing comprehensive, analytical reports of their findings. Students develop a research question in mathematics, science, or computer science during their junior year, and explore that question via an independent research project over the course of their senior year. Many have the opportunity to conduct independent research and experimentation at nearby University labs and organizations, receiving guidance and mentorship from expert practitioners. All math and science students enter their research projects in local and national Science & Engineering Fairs, and many qualify for spots in the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair.

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