Math-Science at Alabama School of Fine Arts

  • The mission of The Russell Mathematics & Science Center is to prepare students for success in life by providing a rigorous and challenging STEM curriculum in a safe and nurturing learning environment with instructions from faculty who are experts in their field.

    Our mathematics and science students realize their own potential through hands-on learning in labs, in research projects, on academic teams, and in community workshops. Honors courses and Advanced Placement rigor, coupled with an in-depth research program help students build a strong foundation for the future. The latest technology is emphasized in coding, robotics, and computer science instruction. 

    ASFA's Math & Science program is a comprehensive 4- or 5-year public college preparatory program enrolling about 100-110 students. A hands-on, technology-based teaching and learning program with an emphasis on inquiry-based instructional methods. Students are selected by a rigorous application process that emphasizes motivation, interest, and ability. Entering primarily in the 8th or 9th grade, Math & Science students come from a variety of backgrounds and training. The Russell Mathematics & Science Center has been a member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools since 2000 and also holds membership with The College Board.

    Math-Science students consistently compete and earn finalist placements in the Alabama Science & Engineering Fair and the International Science &Engineering Fair. In addition, Math-Science students are regularly state winners and compete in the National Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and MATHCOUNTS. Alumni have continued onto prestigious graduate programs, developed groundbreaking research, and become employed at well-known companies/organizations like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and NASA. ASFA math & science students gain skills in research, innovation, and collaboration that help make them the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Notable Math-Science Alumni:

    • Javacia Harris Bowser: Entrepreneur, educator, writer, and recent TED-X presenter
    • Blair Farley: Mechanical Engineer at Alabama Power, working on electric vehicles
    • Keith Gipson: Yale University School of Medicine MD/Ph.D. in neuroscience, founder of Charter Anesthesiology and Chair of Anesthesiology at Bristol Hospital
    • Sh’Nese Townsend: Cancer Researcher at UAB
    • Azalea Vo Miller: Graduated from Harvard University in Computer Science, currently a Software Development Engineer at Amazon
    • Jorge Nunez: NASA astrobiology institute, Planetary Scientist and Engineer, Deputy Systems Engineer on New Horizons
    • Fong Lui: Gynecologic Oncologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    • Brad Jantz: Air Force Academy graduate, astronautical engineering, priest and graduate student at Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome
    • Hriday Bhambhvani: enrolled at Stanford University Medical School
    • Ronald Sherrod: Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate, Engineer at ExxonMobil Corporation
    • Usama Abbasi: Graduate of Harvard Medical School. Currently interning and doing residency at Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Pratik Talati: Graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine as a MD/PH.D. Currently interning and doing residency at Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Aditi Jani: Fourth-year medical student at the University of Alabama School of Medicine
    • Kevin Shrestha: Fourth-year medical student at the University of Alabama School of Medicine
    • Komal Shah: Graduate of The George Washington School of Law. Currently a law clerk with Covington & Burling in Washington, DC
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