Degrees and Certifications:

BS Chemistry (Union Univ) BS Mathematics (Union Univ) MAEd Secondary Science Ed (UAB) AL Class A certification science 6-12, specialty in Chemistry

PJ Godwin

I believe in creatively teaching my subject matter, connecting it to their specialty study whenever I can, and giving students control of their learning through multiple methods. Hands on learning is essential in science, and a textbook will not be used. My main goal is to guide students to see how my subjects are present and active in their everyday lives, and to help guide them to become critical, analytical thinkers.  My favorite outreach opportunities involve me going into elementary schools and getting younger kids, especially girls, excited about science. I am also an active member of NSTA, AACT, and teacher communities on social media platforms.  
In my little spare time, I am passionate about cooking and becoming a "foodie."  I am addicted to Pinterest and Candy Crush (stuck on level 3429 if anyone can help!), and I love trivia and word games.  
E-mail is the best way to reach me as it is checked often -
  • Google Classroom Codes 2022-23

    Math 8 - 53j7p3i

    Astronomy - vgrx5gp

    Chemistry - abthjui

    Forensics - o5jlazw  (that is a letter "l" and not a number)

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