• Why Study Creative Writing at Alabama School of Fine Arts

  • Wielding words for change

    At ASFA, Alabama’s best young writers receive a foundation in the literary arts, exploring form and genre in an MFA-style workshop model. By reading a wide range of texts and authors, they gain a grounding from which to grow a distinct voice and literary identity.


    How to live in your own head..

    Our faculty aim to help students develop a sustainable, autonomous writing life that lasts beyond their years at ASFA. They learn to make use of the protected writing time that ASFA affords them, and how to make such time for their creative work in college and beyond.


    —and know when to get out of it

    Rejecting the notion of the solitary author locked in her room, ASFA students learn what it means to be part of a creative community and the importance of the arts and artists in society. They work together to produce ASFA’s literary magazine, Cadence, and take part in literary outreach events at Birmingham-area elementary schools. In the process, they gain a deep appreciation for the responsibility of authors to shine a light on injustices and write a more equitable world into existence.


    Preparation for publication

    ASFA students prepare and submit their best pieces for consideration by top literary journals and competitions, and many have had great success with their submissions. Faculty guide them through this process, while also engaging students in honest discussions about finding a balance between individual creative fulfillment and the desire to publish and promote their work.


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