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Science Olympiad High School Teams Shine at Regionals!

The ASFA Science Olympiad high school teams had a stellar performance at the 2023 North Region Science Olympiad competition. ASFA Team 1 placed 2nd overall and advances to the state competition. ASFA Team 2 placed 4th overall. Students Sanjana Chada, Nicholas Godwin and Sophia Guo medaled in every event they had!


Anatomy and Physiology – Bronze – Sanjana Chada and Nicholas Godwin

Astronomy – Silver – Nicholas Godwin and Rishi Yellamraju

Bridge – Silver – Daniel Zhao and Cynthia Liu, Bronze – Lauren Lee and Parker Patton

Cell Biology – GoldSophia Guo and Jossy Peterson

Chemistry Lab –Silver - Monisha Bommu and William Peng

Codebusters – Silver - Becker Barghothi, Eli Mrug and McNair Shah

Disease Detectives – Silver - Cynthia Liu and Deepak Sathishkumar

Dynamic Planet – Silver - Zoya Aleezada and Steven Tran

Experimental Design – Bronze – Abhai Anand, Becker Barghothi and William Peng

Forensics – Silver – Nicholas Godwin and Deepak Sathishkumar

Forestry – GoldSanjana Chada and Monisha Bommu, Silver – Sophia Guo and Jossy Peterson

Green Generation – GoldSteven Tran and Daniel Zhao, Bronze – Sophia Guo and Varsha Vinoy

Remote Sensing – Silver – Eli Mrug and Rishi Yellamraju

Trajectory – GoldAnanya Mohanraj and Nairit Jeethandran