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ASFA Math-Science middle school students excel at National Olympiad

Congratulations to the following ASFA Math-Science 8th grade students who excelled in the 3rd National Olympiad for Middle School Students, a physics competition held on March 9, 2023. 


Out of over 1,200 finalists from 700 schools nationwide, ASFA students won:

  • two of the five First-Place national awards (Greehma Vinoy and Shreya Tandon)
  • two of the ten Second-Place awards (Akhil Batchu and Raymond Liu)
  • two of the seventeen Third-Place awards (Ibrahim Hossain and Dinah Henkin)
  • Colton Fletcher ranked in the top 10 percentile


The competition, hosted by Physical Science Research Associates (Physcira), challenged students to test their skills and knowledge in Newtonian mechanics, waves, light and optics, electricity, and magnetism. The three-hour exam comprised two 90-minute sessions with MCQs, short answer questions, and long free-response questions based on current U.S. physical science curricula. 


ASFA Math-Science middle school students participated in the Annual Physics Olympiad for the second year in a row, earning three awards last year. The competition aims to expand awareness of the need for physics education at the middle school and junior high levels, provide networking opportunities for science teachers, and encourage students to compete in national and international contests in high school.

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