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ASFA Math/Science CARSEF winning students

 to our mighty Math/Science students who once again dominated the research competition at the 2024 Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CARSEF) held on the campus of UAB, Saturday, March 2. ASFA students placed first in six of the nine categories. Of those winners, three earned a bid as finalists progressing straight to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) to be held in Los Angeles, California, May 11-17. Thirteen ASFA students advance to the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF) to be held at Auburn University, April 13, where they will have another chance at earning an ISEF spot.

ISEF Finalists

Greeshma Vinoy: “Assessing Environmental Toxicity Across Varied Habitats Through Daphnia Magna Analysis”

Ashu Anand: “The Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Planaria Tissue Regeneration”

Abhai Anand: “Parametric Design Optimization of Soft Pneumatic Actuators for Rehabilitation”

ASFA students advancing to ASEF: Nicolas Godwin, Ashu Anand, Abhai Anand, Greeshma Vinoy, Noah Lowry, Alexander Kim, Aanchal Behara, Rishi Yellamraju, Conrad Feng, McNair Shah, Varsha Vinoy, Albert Chen, Clark Baty.


Two ASFA students won special awardsNatascha Helfrecht-Kannady won the American Psychological Society’s “Best” in Research in Psychological Science. Conrad Feng won the Regeneron Biomedical Science Award: “Best” in Biomedical Science.


CARSEF categories and placements



  • 1st place – Ashu Anand
  • 3rd place – Nicholas Godwin
  • Honorable Mention – Cynthia Liu, Paxton Jones and Shreyas Keshava


  • 3rd place – Varsha Vinoy


  • 1st place – Abhai Anand

Environmental and Earth Science

  • 1st place – Greeshma Vinoy
  • Honorable Mention – Julia Downs, Bellamy Williams

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • 1st place – Alexander Kim
  • 3rd place – Noah Lowry
  • Honorable Mention – Dmitriy Sazanov, Srihansi Sagi and Prisha Sharma, Eli Mrug

Medicine and Health Sciences

  • 1st place – Conrad Feng
  • 2nd place - Rishi Yellamraju
  • 3rd place – Aanchal Behara
  • Honorable Mention – Ananya Mohanraj, Monisha Bommu

Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • 1st place – McNair Shah
  • Honorable Mention – Radhika Pant, Natascha Helfrecht-Kannady

Energy and Transportation

  • 2nd place – Albert Chen and Clark Baty