Wednesday's Announcements -- April 26, 2023

Posted by Jaronda Little on 4/26/2023 10:00:00 AM

Good morning! These are your morning announcements. 


Creative Writing middle school students Ella DeRocher, April Gray, Will Noble, Denise Otali, Naima Salvary, Omari Washington, and Ari Woertz will be reading in the Lecture Hall tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. Please join us with permission from your instructors.    


Congratulations to ASFA’s high school Science Olympiad team for winning second place in the Alabama State Science Olympiad tournament this past weekend at Auburn University! Four points separated ASFA from the winning team!  

Team members of the State squad consisted of Zoya Aleezada, Abhai Anand, Becker Barghothi, Monisha Bommu, Sanjana Chada, Nicholas Godwin, Sophia Guo, Asterion Lee-Irwin, Cynthia Liu, Eli Mrug, Deepak Sathishkumar, Prisha Sharma, Steven Tran, Rishi Yellamraju, Daniel Zhao. Alternates were Ananya Mohanraj and McNair Shah. 

Asterion Lee-Irwin and Daniel Zhao medaled in all their events. Daniel Zhao even pulled a Bronze medal filling in last minute on Detector Building with a quick Physics refresher from Dr. Uhoya. 😊 

Individual medalists: 

Nicholas Godwin and Rishi Yellamraju – Bronze – Astronomy 

Cynthia Liu and Daniel Zhao – Gold – Bridge 

Sophia Guo and Daniel Zhao – Silver – Cell Biology 

Monisha Bommu and Eli Mrug – Silver – Chemistry Lab 

Becker BarghothiAsterion Lee-IrwinEli Mrug – Bronze – Codebusters 

Asterion Lee-IrwinDaniel Zhao – Bronze - Detector Building 

Abhai AnandBecker BarghothiPrisha Sharma – Bronze – Experimental Design 

Nicholas Godwin and Deepak Sathishkumar – Bronze – Forensics 

Steven Tran and Daniel Zhao – Gold – Green Generation 

Abhai Anand and Cynthia Liu – Gold – It’s About Time 

Eli Mrug and Rishi Yellamraju – Gold – Remote Sensing 

Monisha Bommu and Deepak Sathishkumar – Silver – Trajectory 

Cynthia Liu and Rishi Yellamraju – Silver – Wifi Lab 

Steven Tran and Daniel Zhao – Silver – Write It – Do It 


Congratulations to ASFA’s  Middle School Science Olympiad Team, which came in 3rd  in  the State competition held at Auburn University on Saturday. 


9th grade members: Clark Baty, Albert Chen, Danielle George, Audrey Guo and Jaiden Lee 

8th grad members: Fatima Aziz, Akhil Batchu, Aniyah Davis, Colton Fletcher, Ibrahim Hossain, Omri Hyde, Shreyas Keshava, Raymond Liu, Usman Sehbai, Shreya Tandon and Greeshma Vinoy 


The following students won awards for their individual events: 


Gold medals in Can’t Judge A Powder:     Omri Hyde and Raymond Liu 

Gold medal in Bridge:     Albert Chen and Clark Baty 

Silver medals in Roller Coaster:   Greeshma Vinoy and Shreya Tandon 

Silver medals in Codebusters:    Audrey Guo, Raymond Liu , and Albert Chen 

Silver medals in Meteorology:    Clark Baty and Fatima Aziz 

Silver medals in Bio Process Lab:   Audrey Guo and Clark Baty 

Silver medals in Green Generation:   Danielle George and Jaiden Lee 

Bronze medals in Fast Facts:    Shreyas Keshava and Akhil Batchu 

Bronze medals in Experimental Design:    Raymond Liu, Greeshma Vinoy, and Shreya Tandon 

Bronze medals in Road Scholar:    Albert Chen and Clark Baty 

Bronze medals in Disease Detectives:   Clark Baty and Akhil Batchu 

4th place in Solar System:    Colton Fletcher and Ibrahim Hossain 

4th place in Forestry:     Danielle George and Jaiden Lee 

4th place in Rocks and Minerals:   Fatima Aziz and Omri Hyde 

4th place in Crave the Wave:    Audrey Guo and Greeshma Vinoy 


Congratulations to a team of three ASFA Math/Science students for being declared the state winner for Alabama in the You Be The Chemist Challenge! More than 10,000 students from schools nationwide participated. 


The 2023 Alabama YBCT State Champions are: Shreyas Keshava, Raymond Liu,  and Colton Fletcher 


The Challenge is an exam and research project-based competition hosted by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) in which teams of 5th-8th grade students explore chemistry concepts and the role of those concepts in their community.