• Alabama School of Fine Arts prepares students to pursue their passion after graduation

    ASFA students are set up for success after graduation with our full-time college counselor who is devoted to helping students and families evaluate schools, understand how to identify the colleges that suit them best, and pursue the ones that align with their long-term goals. ASFA students continue on to a wide variety of art institutes, colleges, con­servatories, and universities throughout the United States.

    The graduates of the senior class of 2021 of the Alabama School of Fine Arts earned approximately $11.9 million in scholarships and awards. 97% of ASFA seniors were awarded merit scholarships compared to the national average of 15%. 

Who is accepting ASFA students?

  • ASFA Student College Acceptances - 5 Year Matriculation

  • Top 3 Alabama schools ASFA students attend: