• Dear Students and Parents,
    Thank you for completing the ASFA Family Learning Selection Commitment form. Today we are able to confirm that all classes will be virtual Jan. 6-15 and the hybrid instruction option with on-campus specialty cohorts will begin Jan. 19 for the first cohort (Cohort C) and Feb. 16  for the second cohort (Cohort D). Plans for the week before spring break will be determined at a later date.  We have shown our plans to the Jefferson County Department of Health and we have their full endorsement to proceed. 
    The next steps are:
    • Review the ASFA Back to School Plan and Family Checklist here.
    • Review the ASFA Parent Virtual Town Meeting if you didn’t attend or watch it already here.
    If you selected the hybrid option, look for an email from your specialty chair in January 2021 with your cohort assignment and details which are tailored to each specialty. 
    What’s new this Quarter?
    • Student Life initiatives
    • Cohorts will meet in four-week blocks 
    • The dorm will be open with a $650 dorm fee (1/2 charge for 2nd semester)
    • New curricular innovations for the 2nd semester are in the works
    As a reminder here are two FAQs from our previous communication:
    1. Will I be able to select my child’s cohort?
    • The cohorts will be assigned based on the instructional fit with the specialty courses (e.g. grade level or skill level) and the number of students electing in-person instruction per specialty, therefore, you will not be able to choose your child’s cohort.
    2. May I change my selection at a later time?
    • Please know that your selection allowed the school to plan the number of classes and instructors on offer for in-person classes and to form groups based on social distancing and safety protocols. For these reasons, we expect all students to remain with your learning selection until the end of quarter three. 
    Yours sincerely,
    Tim Mitchell, Ph.D.
    Alabama School of Fine Arts