• Supplies: World History to 1500 (8th Grade),
    1 1/2 inch (or larger) three ring binder exclusively for this class.
    Small individual 3 hole punch that fits in the 3 ring binder.
    Notebook paper, pencils and pens (always bring to class) •
    Access to the internet at home, access to colored pencils at home •

    LATIN: It is recommended, but not required, for Latin students who have an ipad or iphone to download the app SPQR Latin Dictionary. It costs 6.99. For Latin classes, recommended, but not required: BarCharts, Latin Vocabulary; BarCharts, Latin Grammar (They cost $4.99 each, or less, if used. They can be ordered from http://www.barcharts.com/Start, or from Amazon. They can often be purchased at Little Professor.)
    Latin I and Latin II use: "The Cambridge Latin Series". I have hardback copies of the textbook, and I will also be sending out a link for students to log into the online textbook.
    Right now, some parts of the series are online for free, although there is normally a small fee for access to the online book. You will find the links under "helpful resources."