• Student Support Services at ASFA

    We strive to provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling program while offering professional assistance and support.  We do this through Individual and group counseling, collaborating with parents and teachers, and developing and facilitating a variety of programs to nurture and support students through life-transitions. In addition, we assist students in developing effective strategies for success with organization, time management, study skills, communication, and coping with stress, etc.  We also coordinate standardized testing and help students to develop and pursue individually appropriate post-secondary education or other pursuits to achieve their career goals. Students initiate meetings with the counselor or are referred by parents, teachers, or administrators. 
    Student Support Services at ASFA aims to further support our students and parents in a holistic way that goes beyond curriculum and instruction. See the resources on this page that link to helpful videos, articles, support groups/peer networks, helplines and web links on topics such as coping with traumatic events, thriving at ASFA, depression, mental health, and bullying. 

    Individual & Group Counseling

    Individual and group counseling is provided to students to support them socially, emotionally, academically, and vocationally.  Confidentiality is ensured except in cases of imminent danger, abuse, or neglect. 

    Testing & Referral

    We coordinate the PSAT and the complete ACT QualityCore College and Career Readiness battery of tests which include ACT Aspire (Grade 7),  EXPLORE (Grade 8), PLAN (Grade 10), and in coming years, ACT plus writing (Grade 11), and Work Keys (Grade 12).  Academic and emotional referrals to community agencies are available upon request.

    Parent & Teacher Consultation

    Consultation concerning academic, social, emotional, and personal needs of students is done routinely. We are available to parents and teachers in identifying strategies to help support the needs of students.

    Peer Mentoring

    The mission of the Peer Helper program is to embrace and impassion younger students and to help them make a smooth transition into the ASFA community. The program matches older students with younger students in a departmental-specific, one-on-one relationship. Through this special relationship, peer mentors provide advice and support and serve as role models for younger students. The younger students are affectionately known as PEEPS (Peers Empowering and Embracing Passionate Students). Peer Helpers are selected based on their leadership and commitment to building and maintaining a cohesive ASFA community.

    College & Career Advising

    Helping students fulfill their aspirations, we cultivate an informative and nurturing environment for the transition from ASFA to higher education or other opportunities. Through individual advising, family conferences, consultation with Specialty faculty, and group guidance, we help students identify and pursue career and educational goals. Intensive advising begins in 11th grade and continues during 12th with emphasis on researching and selecting a college/conservatory/art school, developing résumés, negotiating the application and audition processes, pursuing financial aid, and standardized testing.

    Outdoor Education

    Student Support Services, in collaboration with Health and Wellness, offers Outdoor Experiential Education. Our mission is to provide meaningful and direct life experiences specifically designed to develop self-worth, perseverance, compassion, personal responsibility, and a sense of connection to self and others.

    7th Grade Orientation – A full day of fun and games enables 7th graders to become familiar with each other and their counselor prior to the beginning of school. This allows the counselor the opportunity to begin building rapport and to ensure each student understands the counselor’s role and how to utilize her.

    New 8th Grader Orientation – A full day of fun activities that offers new students the opportunity to become oriented to the building and familiar with other new students prior to the start of school.

    8th Grade Adventure Day – A full day of off-campus adventure that integrates incoming 8th graders with the existing class and develops relationships for a more cohesive 8th grade community.

    9th Grade Rites of Passage Retreat – A two-day retreat that focuses on setting goals and developing strategies for a successful high school experience. Building a community within the group is also addressed to create a safe place for learning and for taking creative risks.

    10th Grade Perseverance Retreat – A camping trip that is designed to stretch students’ limitations and help them discover untapped resources and strengths to achieve self-empowerment and community awareness. This retreat highlights perseverance and determination in preparation for the academic challenges that students will face as sophomores.

    Junior Leadership Retreat – An overnight retreat that provides students with skills to be positive role models and mentors as they move into their upcoming leadership role as seniors.

    Senior Transition Retreat – An overnight experience that symbolizes the completion of high school and the transition from adolescence to young adulthood while focusing on strategies as they relate to the students’ individual dreams and goals.

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