• The Alabama School of Fine Arts operates under Code of Alabama, Section 16-26B-3, which establishes the school. The school operates on annual appropriations from the Alabama Legislature. The school’s Board of Trustees approves policy and employs the school’s president, who directs school operations.

Alabama School of Fine Arts Board of Trustees

  • Webb Robertson - Chairman

    Kelly Allison

    Mary Hubbard

    Steve Nelson

    Sally P. Salter-Blackwell

    Maria Calhoun

    Billy Sanford

    Andy Meadows

    Michael Han

    Ba-Shen Welch

    Elias Hendricks Jr.

    Allison Dillon-Jauken

    Vincent J. Brewton

    Erinn Fears Floyd

    Tracey Morant Adams

    Steele Marcoux

    Valerie Thompson, Board of Directors (Foundation) President